Slide good for you, good for the planet.


Flavorful and cheesy

Perfect to enjoy sprinkled over savory dishes like pasta, baked food, pizza, salads… Get creative and add it to whatever you’d like! It’ll give your meals a truly delicious flavor.


Slide Our menu is entirely vegan - Going vegan is arguably the single best thing you can do for the planet, potentially reducing your carbon footprint by over 70%.

Well intentioned people often hesitate to go vegan because they don’t know where to start. Well, start with us. Whether you’re going cold tofurkey, or just trying to reduce your meat consumption.

Slide SUSTAINABLE We use locally sourced, seasonal ingredients whenever possible, lowering our carbon footprint and guaranteeing freshness.
All our ingredients are simple and natural - no funny business. Our packaging is all glass, widely accepted as one of the most eco friendly materials out there.
Glass packaging also preserves food quality and flavor, avoiding the transference of chemicals that happens with plastic.

Slide Why Glass? 100% recyclable forever
Food quality and taste
No chemical transfers between packaging and food
Doesn't harm the ocean the way plastic does
Ancient process used for thousands of years

Slide Our Values Conscious eating means picking balanced, natural foods that meet your nutritional needs, while minimizing environmental impact.